Half year update

Abbey Church - 6 Months to 30th June 2014

The deficit f or the six months is £7,412. This is much better than
the budget deficit of £15,615. The annual budget included 
maintenance Projects.

Open plate collections are below budget and less than the same
period in 2013. Gift-aid (blue envelopes) are below budget  ond
less than the same period in 2013. Also  included in gift-aid are
the monthly stonding orders which are slightly ahead of budget.
if you are tax payer ond wish Abbey to recover the tax paid by
you, please would you ask Phil for a giff-aid form, or print one from
the Giving pages of the website.
The premises income relates mainly to hall rental income.This is
above budget as the budget was reduced because a major user
had stopped using the hall lost year. Fortunately actual usage is
above that anticipated.
Investment income is above budget as an instalment of interest
has been received on the investment with the Church of
The positive variance on pastoral expenses is probably due to
timing differences. In the six months, maintenonce work was
much lower than expected. This is reflected  in the savings on
budget. The painting of Church windows started in August 2014
and further maintenance projects ore planned for the latter half
of 2014. The miscellqneous expenditure includes the new chairs
for the old hall. If you have any questions please  ask.
Stuart Ainslie
17h August 2014

You can view the accounts at Page 11 of the September Newsletter at Home>About Abbey>Newsletter.