This year, our churches will support the charity Bees Abroad for our annual harvest appeal. Bees Abroad is a UK-registered charity that provides        opportunities for people in low-income communities around the world to learn practical beekeeping skills to generate income and improve lives. Our harvest donations will be used to support a project in western Uganda.

You can contribute to this appeal either by collecting coins in our harvest jars or by putting a donation in the harvest envelope. Jars and envelopes will be available in church from Sunday 29 August.  Jars and envelopes should be returned to church on or around Harvest Thanksgiving on Sunday 26 September 2021.

If you wish to donate by cheque, please make it payable to BEES ABROAD.

If you are a taxpayer and would like Bees Abroad to benefit by a further 25%, please complete the Gift Aid declaration which is attached to the harvest envelopes and include this with your donation.

Anyone who is unable to attend a church service over the next few Sundays and who would like to contribute to the harvest appeal is asked to contact the church office to request a jar or envelope. Arrangements will be made for these to be delivered to you.