Carol Singing

                                                        CHRISTMAS CAROL SINGING 
Advent can be a hectic time for many people with the seemingly endless lists of writing cards, buying and wrapping presents and decorating trees. That is quite apart from all of the church activities which take place at this important time in the church’s calendar. It might seem that there are just not enough hours to do everything which must be done.

There is one group of people in our town who really appreciate a couple of hours of our time in the period before Christmas and those are the residents in three care homes and one sheltered housing complex who look forward to the annual visit from the Abbey Church carol singers.

Most years we have a group of 15-20 people participating (and many have done so for as long as they can remember) but we can always do with more. The residents love to get visitors and enjoy singing the well-known carols. If you haven’t assisted with this exercise in the past, what about joining us this year? People of all ages are welcome and the residents particularly like to see children. If you have children, what about coming along as a family?