A retired persons group called 'Regal' meets at 12.00noon in the Old Hall on the 2nd Thursday of each month from October to March and also has a summer outing in June of each year. 

The meetings are followed by a soup and sandwich lunch.

                                                      Regal Syllabus 2017/2018

12th October           British trains:Past & Present                     Ken Williamson           
9th November       The South African Boer War                       Bill McClure
14th December      Unexpected Christmases                           Bob Kane

11th January          Par for the Ladies                                         Ailsa Fortune
8th February          From North Berwick with Love                      Ian Goodall
8th March               Biblical Plants & Award Winning Pallets       Stan da Prato

June 14th              Summer Outing - To The Scottish Parliament


 Ian Aitken - Regal Chairperson

REGAL 2017/18 

The 2017/18 session of Regal commences on the second Thursday of October at 12 noon in Abbey Church old hall.

Over the past 70 years our railways have undergone several changes from small companies to a nationalised industry and back to a few large companies; during this period the engines have also undergone many changes. Ken Williamson, a self-confessed train buff, will talk to us on "British trains: past and present" on Thursday, 12th October.

A couple of years ago Bill McClure spoke to us about the South African Zulu war. On 9th November Bill will tell us about the subsequent conflict, "The South African Boer War" and its impact on both South Africa and Great Britain.

After the meeting we sit down to a soup and sandwich lunch prepared by the ladies of Abbey Church. Our meetings are open to all ladies and gentlemen of North Berwick and the surrounding villages. Please come along, meet friends and listen to an aspect of life that we know little about.

I know that both Ken's talk on Thursday, 12th October and Bill's talk on Thursday, 9th November will be most interesting to all of us and I look forward to seeing you on these Thursdays at 12 noon. 
Ian M Aitken