Door Duty & Readers

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Duty Officers and Readers

 Please scroll to and read notes at foot of table


Duty Office Bearers


October 1st
Mrs S Penman
Mrs D Kirkpatrick
Mr J Lunn
Mrs D Kirkpatrick
8th Mrs C Aitken
Mr R Ironside
Mrs E Danks
Mrs C Aitken
15th Mr D McAdam
Mr A Cobb
Mrs J Cobb
Mr D McAdam
22nd Mr R Nichol
Mrs I Nichol
Mrs F Gibson
Mr E Simmons
29th Mr S Young
Mrs S Young
Miss L Scott
Mrs S Young
November 5th Mr P Spencer
Mr M Brodie
Mrs I Brodie
Mr P Spencer

Evening Communion

Miss I Smith
Mrs Y Stachan
Mrs L Harrison
(Volunteers needed for Communion)
Mrs Y Strachan
19th Miss M Burgon
Mr W Leslie
Mrs R Leslie
Mr W Leslie

Mr B McClure
Mrs M Mcclure
Mrs S Penman

Mrs S Penman
December 3rd
6.00pm Bereavement
Mrs I Nichol
Mrs S Young
Mr S Young
Volunteers required for 6.00pm
Mr J Evans
Mrs M Graham
Mrs F Gibson
Mr J Lunn
Mr J Lunn
17th Mrs C Aitken
Mrs D Kirkpatrick
Miss M Burgon
Mrs C Aitken
24th Mrs S Burgon
Volunteers required
Ms C Stobie
Christmas Day Mrs S Burgon
Mrs S Penman
Mr R Burgon

Notes for Office Bearers:

1. If you are unable to read or undertake duty and cannot find a replacement, please telephone the Office (892800) or S Burgon (893564) giving as much notice as possible.

2. It is helpful if at least one Office-Bearer stays in the vestibule for a few minutes after the start of the service to welcome latecomers and  help them find a seat if the church is particularly busy.

3. Readers are advised to adjust the microphone level to their own height for maximum clarity.

4. Could Office-Bearers try to arrive ½ hour before service starts.

5. Please remember to check that the heaters above the doors are switched on and off.

Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated!

Abbey Church of Scotland 116,High Street, North Berwick, EH39 4HE
      email:  Ph. 01620 892800