Getting Married ?


Thank you for enquiring about getting married here in Abbey Church North Berwick. We hope that the following information provides answers to some of your questions.

Provided you live in the Parish or have some sort of connection with Abbey Church, you are probably eligible to be married in Abbey Church. Please contact the Minister to discuss this.

Church Services:
The church is delighted to marry people who do not regularly attend worship. Nonetheless, by choosing to get married in church, you are making a statement that you think God is important, even if you can't explain why that is. Why not come to church some Sundays before your wedding and reflect on the part God might play in your life? At the very least, doing this will mean that the building feels familiar when you come to one of the most important days of your life!

Legal Requirements :
A church wedding can only be conducted if the couple are in possession of a schedule from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The main local office is in Haddington. The staff there will provide you with all the information you need.
Before the service can be concluded, the schedule must be signed. In Abbey Church we find that the best way to do this is at the front of the church in the presence of both God and your guests.

Marriage and Weddings
If a wedding lasts one day, a marriage lasts a lifetime. From time to time the church may organise some preparation events to help people build a strong marriage. If the timing of these fits in with your plans you might like to think about coming to them. The Minister can also recommend reading material which you may find helpful.

The following applies to all wedding services:
Minister: Once the wedding is booked, the church will ensure that a Minister is present for the ceremony. Normally weddings are taken by our Minister, or by a colleague if he is not available.

A brief run through of the ceremony a couple of days before the actual wedding is advisable.

Order of Service
If you wish to use your own order of service for your wedding, please check the hymns etc. with the minister and organist before going to print. However, the church has hymn books which you can use if you wish.

Discreet photography by a professional photographer without the use of flash is allowed.

Please discuss the music arrangements you would like with the Minister.  The church can also supply an organist if required. A typical wedding includes two hymns and three pieces of music – one for the entry of the bride, one while the schedule is signed and one for the couple leaving.

We regret that confetti may not be used in the Church grounds

or the surrounding streets.

The charge is £600 which includes the fees for the Church Officer and Organist. A deposit of £100 is asked to confirm the booking. Cheques are payable to “Abbey Church of Scotland” and should be given to Office Administrator in the church office. The balance should be sent before the ceremony.

Dirleton Church:
Couples often choose Dirleton Kirk as the venue for their service. This can also be discussed with the Minister.

If you have any further questions, or would like to book the church for your wedding, please contact the church office or the Minister.