Nurture Committee

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                       Nurture Committee- 'Growing God's people' 

To nurture the congregation in their faith.

► Oversee contact with, and pastoral care of, the congregation especially newcomers (eg roll keeper)     

► Plan and help to deliver congregational Christian education, including for young people (e.g. Sunday School)              

► Support people involved in any ministry (pastoral visitors, Safeguarding etc.)

► Encourage good stewardship.

► Oversee social events and activities which encourage fellowship (e.g. Regal)

Convener : Bob Kane            

Revd. Dr. David Graham
David McAdam

Janice Cobb
Sheena Cowan
Sarah Kerr
Ray Lesso
Eileen McColl
Sadie Young

There is a small lending library of Christian books and Bibles in the Large Hall. 
Please make use of this resource.

Bible reading material from Scripture Union is available here.